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Originally Posted by US///M3
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Sorry this happened OP and to be completely honest... Car is probably already in a crate being shipped to South America... :/ I hope I am wrong. For those people saying it wont happen in the US, its just a matter of time. We have to figure out a way to stop this.
It's a right hand drive car,my bet it's not in a container to South America.

That car is probably sitting in a chop shop.I hate to say it but if BMW's are this easy to steal, there will be more used N54, S65 engines,DCT's,wheels etc. available online from Europe.
Don't think it's not already here in NA.

My 2008 E92 M3 with full bolt ons was stolen from my driveway in early April this year. I was wondering how the fuck they stole it until I heard about these Keymakers via OBDII.

I ordered a new E92 M3 that I should be getting in August but this is a serious problem!!!!
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