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Kind of a big deal

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Originally Posted by Slappymangooze View Post
Hello, the same just happened to me last night in the Uk As well just north of hyde park.
BMW doesn't care, I posted a message on BMW UK's fan club thinking that enthousiast might want to help, but they turned my message down. This is so sad. I saw the care leaving from the 6th floor. I jumped to the window as soon as I heard its noise and called the police immediately. They got there in less than 5 minutes. I'm really sad, Poor baby.
Sorry to hear this. It must be horrible to see this happening in realtime or even on OP's video.

It infuriates me, that BMW takes no ownership of what is clearly a grave security oversight. FI why aren't other than X5/6 owners contacted or offered a coding upgrade. Shame on you Bayern!