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Originally Posted by FazerBoy View Post
I presume you've got a LHD car. Did the alarm go off?
Hello all, sorry for keeping silent. It's been a busy week. I'm doing an MBA here in London, it keeps me away of this concern (which is a good thing, I didn't slept for two days and I kept hearing the sweet noise of that exhaust in my head).
Got some news from the police, They did not say anything except that, "there is few chance that you will find it. It's probably an order, and it's being shipped somewhere in Africa or any other place where they don't care about the papers.

The alarm did not went off. They opened the car somehow.

I am well covered by my insurance. I'm considering maybe buy a second had 1m with the same mileage approx as mine 35k Km, and turn it into a mean monster, More secure also.

Anybody can MP me and suggest somewhere to install this: Dark grey wrap, glossy black rims, carbon fiber spoiler, KW 3 remotely commanded, AP or similar 6/4 calipers brakes, Akrapovic and OBD tune, Plus the most secure and illegal cyanure injecting anti theft system and a flame thrower.

I tried to play it settled, I was nice, it was a discrete car. Now I will be mean. Lets call this car Phoenix.
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