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Originally Posted by Mr.Metak2you View Post
That's actually a great idea if you don't want to walk around with your name on your sleeve. Maybe your forum screen name as an alternative? ARTEMIS
Hm, as indicated, I prefer no personal name or nickname on my clothes. In my business I sometimes come across business men with their initials stitched on their shirts. If they're happy with it, then that's fine. But not really my cup of tea. For children it's OK in my book.

By the way, my screen name is just a phonetic anagram of "///M is Art". Deliberate choice right from the start. I'll keep it that way for the time being. Would be more complicated should I get myself a P-car: "Porsche is Art" = "Press Chariot" = "This Pro Races" (

Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Metak - did you also come up with that same worldwide 6309 number?
Hush-hush, Dackel, don't burst his bubble that actually 739 1M's were built for the US, instead of 740.

Seriously, in the past the 6331 figure surfaced. Now they report 6309 were "built" (not "sold"), so should include test mules (and the 740 for the US ).

For example, did they include in the 6309 figure the 1M presented by (then) ///M boss Dr. Kay Segler on Aug 27, 2010: it did not feature yet the "eyebrow" which the BMW ActiveE also sports ( - ["There is one aspect of what you see here that will be subtly changing. I can’t say what but if you think hard I’m sure a “light will turn on” in your head."])

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