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Originally Posted by bmw13 View Post
So it's either, go all out, and grind off the valve plates for good? Or get the wireless kit so I have the option and do not have to grind off anything...
OK, I'll explain - catch my drift.

For a better understanding first check the picture below, as well as the first two pictures of my earlier post:

Name:  Akrapovic_WirelessKit.jpg
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When speaking about the "valve plates" I guess you refer to the welded blocking plate at one side of the small connecting pipe. I call that piece "The Akra Flower Pot" because that's what it looks like: a titanium vase. It's only one piece.

The Akra "Wireless Kit" connecting pipe (same size) has no such blocking plate at one of its sides. However, it features a butterfly valve internally: a circular movable blocking plate in the middle of the pipe (connected from the 9 o'clock position to the 3 o'clock position with an axis). In 'closed valve' mode (quiet mode - code white) the butterfly valve is in vertical position, functioning as a blocking plate, impeding the exhaust fumes from accessing the circular outer pipes. All fumes pass through the exhaust muffler (the big box) and exit the exhaust via the inner exhaust tips. When operating 'opened valve' mode (loud mode - code red - "Thunder Mode") the butterfly valve flips/revolves/rotates over its axis to horizontal position, perfectly in the middle of the connecting pipe (so it does not disappear, but simply no longer impedes the exhaust fumes from exiting through the outer pipes and outer exhaust tips, bypassing the exhaust muffler).

That's why, without the wireless kit, the outer pipes are not used (and outer tips will remain clean) and the exhaust sound seems to be even a little quieter than the OEM 1M exhaust sound whenever the engine is under load.

Those who don't opt for the wireless kit, in order to get the sporty sound on a permanent basis, grind off and remove the welded blocking plate from the connecting pipe (otherwise stated, the "Akra Flower Pot" loses its base and so the exhaust is permanently loud, without the possibility to toggle to quiet mode).

If you get the wireless kit the "Akra Flower Pot" becomes a redundant piece. You don't need to grind off it's blocking plate, simply because you don't install that piece. Store it somewhere, intact. It's interchangeable with the wireless kit connecting pipe, so might be useful in the future if you would ever be required by technical car control authorities or the Police to replace the wireless kit connecting pipe. Just a swap.

Getting the Akra wireless kit is a no-brainer if you regularly park your car at night in an area where you're not the only one around. Moreover, it's more than just a fringe benefit gimmick - it's fairly practical to be able to toggle between loud mode and quiet mode as much as you want and whenever you want, for all the right reasons for others ...and yourself.

Akra butterfly valve closed (code white):
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Akra butterfly valve open (code red):
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Akra butterfly valve open (comparison with the inner exhaust tail pipe):
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