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The Purpose behind the M1 is to not concentrate on power solely but produce a car which is more entertaining and more thrilling to drive than cars that will probably cost twice as much or three times and so on.

M1 is purely about driver focus and torque. Two elements that are going to make this a very exciting car. It's a car that is going to be full of characteristics, It is also going to be a car that will be realistically affordable.
Such a concept will be successful in the largest M market , North America.

It also within BMW's drive to produce exciting cars on compact platforms.
The recession told us that consumers were willing to downsize for the right product and we seen that in the 1er. Although there is the trend for "downsizing" in the US it is down to Gas prices which are driving US consumers to smaller compact models. However the added concern amongst everybody is if Gas prices fall to normal levels then American consumers will go back to larger cars. With the M3 overlooking the M1's shoulder it will be positioned not to outclass that car in terms of power.
Which is why it will be in the mid three hundreds.

If there is a car that will define M "The Next chapter" for a new generation it will have to be the M1 , it is really going to bring a lot of new customers to the BMW brand. It will be the equivalent of a must have laptop , tv , ipod etc
An Indulgement you just have to get.