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Originally Posted by suprtran View Post
Very impressive!
Your car is that quick with just those mods you listed? How much power is it putting down?
What are the benefits of E85?
I've never dynoed the car! I really need to get a baseline first too. On vishnu's site they say with the mods I'm running I should expect around 420whp on a dynojet, but I could be less or more who knows

the benefits of e85 are less knock retard due to lower burning temperature than that of gasoline. Gas burns hotter, the engine doesn't like heat, it will start to pull timing. With e85, you can up timing significantly due to the cooler burning benefits. It does take about 20-30% more volume of e85 to create the same charge of gasoline though. So your gas mileage will take a hit, but e85 over here at least is only $3.20 a gal.

thanks to MGallop