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Originally Posted by dwildone View Post
I just got home...2 days and 850 miles after my PCD. The day goes something like this:

7:00 - Breakfast on your own and the Marriott
7:40 - Shuttle leaves for PC
8:00 - PCD begins with bag storage and roll call
8:15 - Instructor info and classroom
8:30 - Track Time (ABS exercise, road course/lines, skid pad, hot lap)

Around 10:30 the group breaks in half- half do delivery before lunch and half do the factory tour and off road course in the X5. Everyone meets up again around noon for lunch, and then the groups swap.

I would think you could easily do the track time with your brother, and delivery with your wife, although I don't think BMW will feed everyone. Ask Bonnie or Donnie first thing to make sure...but they should be able to accommodate a request for delivery after lunch, so that your wife could come at 1300 for the delivery.
Excellent info, thank you. FWIW I spoke with PCD last week and they actually offer an "PC experience" for $150 which is basically everything mentioned above except pickup of your new car. Only about 4 hours and less involved than driving school for sure, but still an interesting option.