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I like manual, but DCT wins!

Originally Posted by IndyMike View Post
80% of those on this board that move from manual to DCT will be back to manual within 3 to 4 years.

I've got its VAG counterpart, and have been using it as my DD for 3 years now. It's a great transmission and has been a real joy to use in that time period. I really don't have anything bad to say about it.

But like any video game you use every day the thrill eventually gets driven away (pun intended). If anything because it is in fact too good.

If I didn't have the manny tranny einser to play with on the weekends I would probably go

The gearbox is the best I've ever experienced in any BMW of the past 20 years, and finding the desired gear is not a struggle as it used to be.

But even with that benefit it still offers extreme challenges.

And in the end I prefer challenging myself rather than some computer, even if it beats me 99% of the time. Because that 1 time I beat it it will be nirvana and pure sweetness.

So go ahead and stray from the path if you feel compelled, but once the thrill is gone I'm guessing like the Prodigal Son you'll be back.............. in 3 years................maybe 4 years..............TOPS!

I think people are more enamoured by the perception of direct control over the manual transmission, whilst DCT proves manual transmission is inefficient when operated by a human being.

BMW has turned shifting gears into pure subjective entertainment value. I'd rather take the performance edge of DCT over the subjective entertainment value of the manual transmission.
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