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Originally Posted by maxnix View Post
Oh, but I do! And I always try to minimize slippage. With decent coordination, one can dump the clutch while simultaneously applying power and get down the road quite quickly!

So, every time you take off from a stop at a light or a stop sign, you 'dump' the clutch while applying power? And, you think that's good for your clutch every time you move from a stop?
Well, I don't. Proper throttle and clutch modulation, which DOES include proper clutch slip, will get you moving smoothly and in a controlled manner.

Using your method we'd have to burn out on every stop and deal with even MORE friction wear on the clutch due to having to use a lot of HP while we DUMP the clutch to get moving.
Do you think the stock clutch clamping force is that great that it still won't slip a bit even on a clutch dump?
If so, then rethink it.

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