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Perhaps I was not being clear

Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post I'm just perceiving that I actually have direct control of shifting the lever and engaging/disengaging the clutch while driving a manual?
I didn't realize that I was just perceiving it. I thought I was actually performing the gear changes.

So then, does the DCT give you an enhanced perception of direct control over your shifts? Moving a switch up/down, or tapping a lever, asking the computer to do the gear change is more real and more directly in control of the shifting process?

Yes, a manual trans does give "entertainment value".
I agree that indeed the "manual" cars are very entertaining and FUN.
A human being makes manual gear changes based on speed, rpms, clutch resistance and a gear shifter. This is a very analog method based on feel.

Sure there is great feel to a manual transmission. It would be a greater stretch to believe that the great feel of a manual transmission is necessarily efficient.

DCT has proven that it will out think and out play a human being.

Does DCT have a similar feel of a manual? No way. That is the sacrifice and the decision point people need to make.

I chose efficiency over feel. Others may differ.
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