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Took my car in for a warranty issue on the weekend, talked to the service guy about the 135 and all the great reviews it was receiving, led me out the back to the service area where they were preparing a 135 for the launch on this coming Saturday. Was in pre-delivery mode, even though it wasn't sold, essentially he said to have it road ready. on the subject of KM's on the clock prior to delivery, I told him my car came with about 40km on it, and he said that the service guys have to take them for a spin to make sure everything is in order, and that is what he was looking forward to for this 135! So I guess depending on how enthusiastic is your dealership and it's service guys determines how many KM's are on your car prior to delivery. Regarding the launch, unfortunately the dealer won't have it available for test drive but he did mention they are getting another demo vehicle up here. Spoke to the sales guy about a trade in but I think i'll lose too much on the 335. (maybe 30-40k)