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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
Didn't realized the Nazi connection... but I did know a lot of the elite units in the Nationalist army were trained in Germany. The Soviets also played both sides by supporting the Nationalists but also supporting the Communists secretly.
Yeah, the Nazi connection was pretty deep and lasted for 15 years or so from 1926-1941.
It's not difficult to understand why though.
Prior to WWII and the Holocaust, there was good reason (especially among nationalist parties like the Kuomintang) to look up to Germany as an example of how nation-building and self-strengthening through nationalism can be an effective way to pull a country out of chaos & depression and modernize swiftly. Of course, the KMT had no expansionist intentions, but there were certainly many aspects of Nazi Germany that were admirable to them in their vision of future China.

Yeah, ironic that both the Nationalists and the Communists were essentially organized through the help of the Comintern, with party structures along Leninist lines.
In a way this whole thing is a bit sad because Sun Yat-sen had pleaded for help to the US and other powers ("hey guys I'm trying to help bring democracy to China, can you help?"), but the only olive branch that was extended was from the Comintern.
Even though Sun wasn't a communist he didn't hate the Chicoms like Chiang did.
In a way, he found some compatibility with his principle of People's Livelihood and saw to it that both parties had the intention of bringing change to the Chinese people.
It was to that end, that the KMT formed its first alliance with the Communists and this is also the reason Sun is still respected in mainland China where Chiang was shunned.
The Comintern and Soviet advisers certainly played both sides, convincing the Commies to piggyback on the KMT ranks and train through the Whampoa Military Academy, while on the other end, convincing the KMT to accept this arrangement in return for support.
So in an ironic kind of way, it was through this piggybacking, with the KMT doing most of the fighting to retake Northern China from the Warlords, that the communists even became a political party.
Prior to this, they were pretty much just a book-club of Marxists nerds (not exaggerating).

Originally Posted by Z K View Post
Anyway, China has been changing it's history to make the Communists look good. I don't see this changing in the future. Xi Jingping is taking a hard line on conservative Communist ideals and "patriotic education".

They want to think Communist China has a long and glorious history... but it was only founded in 1949 and so it's really new as a country.

This has scary implications in the future. Think large groups of "patriotic" Chinese that all listen to the party rhetoric and follow without thought.
Yeah, this is the beginning of something much more serious.
We're already seeing it in some academic circles, recently there has been some run-ins between Chinese students and academia in places such as Australia.
This has occurred at other universities as well and is certainly becoming a more common occurrence.

So far, it's been mainly limited to territorial disputes and topics like Taiwan and Hong Kong, but we can certainly imagine that the scale can potentially increase in the future and expand into other topics (imagine Tiananmen, the Second Sino-Japanese War/WWII, etc.)
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