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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
Sure you have a good point but I don't see upgrading my tires to PSS in stock size or putting a better exhaust which does not drone as molesting the car. So there really is a line which every owner defines himself. I only make the kind of stuff that I consider as "should come this way from factory" and doing that I use BMW parts if possible. Also changing badly designed stock units like the charge pipe is hardly molesting the car, that is strengthening the stock car as it is. I have zero intention for power hike or performance figures but lots of desire to make this car as reliable and responsive as possible and there are certain points that BMW got cheap during its design or just overlooked a potential problem.

Some owners consider that they themselves and passengers are the only 'after market stuff' granted access to their V1.0 1M, while others upgrade to V.1.1, V1.2, V.1.3. etc. Only few go for V.2.0 makeovers: however, in my book, if that's your kinda thing, you'd better keep at bay, holding out for an M2 or M3.

To each his own, but let the 1M not molest you or your passengers.
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