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Originally Posted by nachob View Post
Daniel, send me some Kool-Aid, I'll drink it!

Yes, I have also AW no options no fluff that I had to fight to get it that way!

It would've been easier to take a loaded one.

This car, I am certain, will be the last BMW ever made that is only offerred in a manual gearbox. Whatever new version comes out in the future, 1M....2M whatever will have all sorts of fluff on it and anyone with a pulse will be able to drive it. It will ask nothing of the driver but push the right pedal to go and the center one to stop.

This car on the other hand requires some commitment from the driver. It requires that you shift gears and work a clutch. It makes you live with one suspension setting....stiff. It instills a bit of danger in every ride with its crazy torque and desire to go sideways.

Driving the 1M is like riding a recently broken stallion. It will take you for a great ride but you have to careful you don't dig the spurs to deep or too often or it will throw you off! This element of risk and involvement is going away in cars and unfortunately BMW is leading the way with its gadgetry.

I can't wait for the next BMW gadget. It will probably some simulated heads up display that you are in some crazy loud and stiff throw-back car that will hurl you sideways if you don't treat it with respect! Of course it will never come close to the real thing which I have the privilege to fire up every morning. I am grateful for BMW making this machine and that I have been able to afford one. While kids are playing video games with crazy cool cars, I will actually be driving one for a long time.

I couldn't agree more with your assessment of the 1M being the last of the Raw, Manual Only Transmission M cars.

A new low for me from the M group is pumping fake Engine Sounds into the new F10 M5 Stereo. Really???
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