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Following a few weeks with my 1 M I can only confirm this test.
The 1 M is perfect for a sports car.....unlike the Audi. Its biggest problems are the weight and the tires. What does traction by quattro bring a car, if the chassis basis is a "FWD everyday car used by mamas to do their shopping". This car is a joke. No individuality, and as the tester says "the right feeling doesn't come up".
Audi has no tradition in building real sports cars, unlike BMW has. Audi will never be able to build a real sports car. Same as with the R8. What the F... does this car offer more than just pure safetiness.
It's nothing for hardcore fans....Real sports car fans drive RWD cars that behave like RWD cars and not AWD.
BMW is not only the winner, BMW tops anything. It's just Sheer Driving Pleasure.