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Originally Posted by drp2011 View Post
hi guys!
I come from Argentina, I wanted to congratulate all those involved in the forum as it is comprehensive and quality. I apologize for my English first. I wanted to see that I arose a doubt, I own a BMW 118i and one of the options you have are xenon lights. lights work very well, but the question I have is that it serves the parable that is toward the centers. since this has a focus allogenic but not as on.
you know how it works? or serving?
upload photos of my car at the dealership in the pre-delivery and frame them with a red circle what I want to explain.

from already thank you very much!


[IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]

Can you ask your question in Spanish and I may be able to help you? I can't figure out what you are asking. Yo hablo espaņol que a lo mejor te puedo ayudar.