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Well I've put on close to 2K on mine now and I have to be honest...THESE TIRES SUCK!!!! a fat man on a chicken wing that is...ok humor aside these tires are excellent. So far I've driven these tires in everthing from sunny autobahn drives to a few laps on the Ring, back road jaunts and downpours that would drown a seal. The day to day drivability is second to none. Quiet and comfortable a definate change from the RFT's. I've noticed no real change with turn in though some say they do. I do run my PSI a little higher due to some of the speeds I drive here so that may be it. I've had them upto 150+ several times and did notice they started to float a bit more than the stiff Rft's but this wasn't until over 125ish GPS. Still they hold firm and have no lateral drift on the long bands at this speed. The aquaplaining resistance is superb. Many times in the rain at 100ish with no problems, I do admit my RFT's and the conti DWS's on my wifes MCS do the same so...but anyways very resistant to that. As far as the Ring and back road excursions go these tires excel here. Gone is the chatter going round uneven corners and the greasy feeling when leaving a high speed straight into sharp corners. These tires heat up quickly and stay very sticky even at 50 degrees. I know I cut roughly 15 seconds off my Ring lap but this could have several factors besides just the tire, such as not coming over a blind corner and being right behind a minivan doing a family loop.... Which brings me to breaking, just phenominal and confidence expiring. In all Mich has done an excellent job designing these tires. And once again thanks to Tire Rack for the service!
oh and I'm running 225/255's which in some slight way have helped with better adhesion to the road.