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Originally Posted by BBK
This thread is funny...

Anyways, despite if Flinchy is a keyboard warrior or not, he is asking a question about Adrian's product. Adrian doesn't feel like he needs to prove him wrong because he is a 'keyboard warrior'... Not sure about anyone else here, but if I was being proven wrong by a warrior I'd want to shut him down asap and make him go sit in the corner to cry like a baby. So far, not really happening is it?

I'll be the first to admit, occasionally for lols i'll keyboard warrior intentionally

For this situation, i'm something a bit more useful and less trollish

I'm, a potential customer who has heard nothing but negatives about a product and the products customer support, regardless of how amazing it has the potential to be

As far as i can tell all this thread has done for it is cause more damage.

I would LOVE to be proven wrong completely and totally, i generally do want to be proven wrong too.

I'm honestly waiting to be banned still, i always heard badmouthing vishnu products was an instaban