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... and Orca too!
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Orca and I took a road trip down to NYC this weekend. Left Saturday morning, and saw about a half dozen cars pulled over on the opposite side of the Mass Pike. Fortunately for us, we played tag with a Ford Explorer and a Toyota sedan and saw no cops on our side.

Saw Orca's twin on the streets of Astoria when I headed back on Sunday afternoon, but the twin was missing its antenna. I now love the little gas station/rest stops on Merritt Parkway in CT - merging back into traffic is now an afterthought (and a chance to floor it!).

Stopped at a friend's house in CT for dinner and then stayed over when the weather turned to sleet and the news said black ice. Despite my snows, I wasn't that brave/stupid. Creeped home along Mass Pike during rush hour today. Got 26 MPG for the trip, not bad.