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Originally Posted by Pete_vB View Post
Any updates? Interested to hear how this is progressing...
Just talked to Jeff Baucom at Ohlins USA to find out how they're coming along in the process (since I saw your post Pete). They pretty much have everything they need (calculations, pictures, etc). Now they're waiting on the new kit systems coming out this month (end of January) so that they have the newest technology possible for the 1M. Then they'll come out with pricing for us.

Jeff said: "PSI is the only shop [known to Ohlins USA] to use TTX46 in the front and TTX36 in the rear, but again that's only for the M3 and not the 1M. It is not geared to be a "street legal" 1M product, and is not a kit specifically engineered for the 1M. If you do get the TTX systems, dealers should be informing you that they are not street legal systems, and all Ohlins warranties are out the window. That's why we're working on this system in the first place".

This is coming directly from Jeff at Ohlins (direct quote). If you want to call them, please do. This is a project very close to him, and he's been excited to see this product coming to market!