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Originally Posted by SlicktopTTZ View Post
OK, someone explain to me how a tri-turbo 4-cylinder is going to work and be efficient....
the tri turbo what I know is a diesel. (top range 6 cyl)
The twin turbo diesels of BMW have a small and a big turbo. The small one in low rev range so the turbo hole is small and the engine picks up fast. in mid range the big one kicks in, and at high rev only the big one is working pressing more air in the engine --> more hp. So with this concept you have the advantages of both worlds.
I imagine a tri turbo to have a simular concept. small medium big to create a larger rev range and higher output. The efficiency will be that the HP it delivers is comparable to a 8 cyl diesel, but achieved with a 6 cyl.

again, just my speculations