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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
Just remember, however light or fast the car is it can't touch M3's 0-60 of 4.4s. If we work backwards from there and constrain ourselves with the engine only outputting 330-340hp max then we can figure out how much weight saving is needed. I believe the 135i current does 4.8s. Does anyone have a rough estimate how much weight saving is needed to shave .2 seconds off? And is this realistic?
All you need to drop 0.2 seconds is better/wider tires and some 30-40 BHP. Add a better suspension, a limited slip and loose some 200 lbs and you'll be right there with the M3 - or faster.

For the E46 M3 CSL, I believe BMW lost 185kg, which is 407 lbs. I'm sure someone can verify this number - but what I'm getting at is that it's very easy for BMW to drop 200-300 lbs for a limited edition racer...

Ask yourself this question - would you buy the supersports if it came without a radio, A/C and rear seats? I personally wouldn't, because I need at least the A/C and rear seats...