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Originally Posted by The Wind Breezes View Post
Heel toe is very important on downshifts (unless you have a slipper clutch) or you will destabilize the vehicle.

Rationality test: do you think "handling mods" are anywhere close to holding back someone who has only a handful of trackdays and is just getting used to driving without stability control? Why would you think that, or not think that?

What was your alignment again?
I believe is a comfort level thing now - with the staggered setup, I attack the track far more, and hence had a faster time even with the understeer (granted it was only MDM). With TC off I can mostly catch it now (and generally in slower safe corners anyways). The switch from staggered to squared for me was more about tire cost management - the rear will wear out quicker, and generally when that occurs, I'm throwing away the fronts that are perfectly streetable but not good enough for track. PSS is probably not the best for heat cycling but I still haven't figure out how not to run 3 sets of tires if I needed to track and drive on wet or cold grounds on the street