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if you're coming from an M3 it'll be hard to go to a 125i.

Having recently purchased a 2008 E88 135i, i'd highly recommend it. For less than $200 you get a 20% power increase with an MHD tune.

Having said that, there are hardly any E88 or E82 135i with low kms in Victoria for sale. I got lucky with mine with only 46,000km on the clock and 2 female owners (mother-in-law and daughter-in-law). It also had a full BMW service history, which showed the HPFP being replaced already.

What i realised AFTER buying my car was that if i had gotten a 2009+ model, i could've bought a 3rd party warranty which would cover any major failure that these models normally experience.
Yes getting things fixed is inconvenient, but it might be good for piece of mind as the 3rd party warranty was about $1700 from memory.

fingers crossed nothing goes wrong with mine... but it's only a weekend car for me so i dont imagine i'd clock up much more mileage at all.