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Originally Posted by The Wind Breezes View Post
For stock turbos you don't need port injection to take advantage of e85. If you upgrade turbos you will need port injection.
This is generally true but I've found it a bit more complicated.

It depends on mix and target for N54. For anything E30 and below, stock LPFP is sufficient. E50-e70, a Stg2 is necessary, see also walbro 450 lpfp. Straight pump E85 should always be port injected or DI with an upgraded HPFP via shotgun or replacement unit.

Other way to think about it is that the stock N54 HPFP setup can handle high content E mixes power output up to 550whp with a walbro450 in line behind it. This is the bleeding edge with ethanol.

BUT, here's the catcher... If you get the proper setup and run 93 only (10% E) you can get ~620-650whp before the HPFP starts crashing on DI ONLY PUMP GAS!

I would expect about 500-525whp with the proper supporting bolt ons in my post above, a quality custom tune, and pure stg 2 hiflow turbos on 93.

So, it depends. This is all generally speaking. There's more to it and enormous car to car variation based on fuel and ignition system health and intake valve cleanliness but I'm not an expert by any means.
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