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Iím in a sort of similar spot with my also Ď08, also 135i, also NH, also M-sport package, also 6mt also flip-up screen 1-series. this will not be a helpful reply from a Ďhow to remove completelyí standpoint...

~$2k is a ridiculous amount of money to replace the CCC system, but I was considering doing the CIC retrofit (which is... also $2k?? ). However, I also did some research and found these guys out of Texas: you can drop them an email and ask for a quote or describe your issue, but it sounds pretty spot on based on their website description of CCC issues. At least I would email to let them know your unit is incoming, they generally request payment after theyíre done vs upfront (at least they did with me), but you could verify that too if you wanted.

I ended up sending them my screen (not the CCC unit itself - he and I both thought my issue sounded like a screen problem..... it.. was not ) and he was pretty good. Since I got the screen back, my issue hasnít resurfaced, so Iím biding my time until it does, at which point Iíll ship the unit to them.

The removal of the unit is pretty easy, hereís the video I used:
. Took me like 20 minutes to remove it and $20 to ship in one of the USPS priority preset cost boxes.

However - something you could consider, if you donít want to send it out to him, is that the flip up screen has two cables, one for the video input, and a second which powers the screen and flip-up mechanism. All you really need to do is remove the power cable (you have to pull the screen to do that though - itís on the drivers side, just uncouple it and put the screen back in) and itíll never flip up again.

If you fully remove it, youíll have a hole in your dash and stuff, which sucks. Also keep in mind while you might only use it for AUX, thereís a lot of stuff in there only accessible through that screen. Warning messages, car configuration stuff, stereo settings, TPMS reset, etc etc. Thatís more or less why I didnít go too far into the Ďremove completelyí route. GL