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Originally Posted by JimD View Post
My strategy for these codes which I use on all cars, not just my current BMW, is to clear the codes the first time they appear, especially if they don't totally make sense. If there is a real issue, they will reappear. For the codes you list, I would do no more than make sure the sensor is plugged in and then clear the codes and see if any come back.

BMWs are set up to be cry babies in my opinion. They er on the side of yelling at you. If there is something wrong, the car will let you know.
thanks. I resent everything and started from scratch and found to have a misfire in Cylinder 5. did some swapping of coils then of plugs and discovered it to be a bad Bosch spark plug. kinda feel I should have gone NGK but oh well. changed the plug and No Codes but there's still a few kinks to work out