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Originally Posted by Eiremon View Post
Just finished the install this morning. In terms of the install - the only major surprise was that the unit does not drop straight into the original NAV opening. It required some relatively minor adjustment to the opening but still falls within the footprint of the original so you can go back to stock as needed.

The unit itself - it's a full blown Android computer on your dash. I have spent an hour with it so far. It is a HUGE upgrade from the standard unit - especially if you are somewhat tech savvy and don't mind configuring devices. It's not perfect - I am still working through some minor quirks. You get native Google Maps, WAZE, Spotify, ESPN, Prime Video, etc. right on your dashboard. Not sure I even need Apple Carplay which was my original intent. It does need an internet signal so I have it connected to my phone's hotspot. I would say that is mandatory if you want to maximize the experience.

Once I have it fully configured I will post a video. One of my concerns was that it would stick out too much vertically. After a quick drive I have no issue with the size. It could use a slip on cover to block the sun although the brightness is much better than the OEM unit and glare is not an issue. At night I can tell that there is a reflection on the windshield - again, a slip-on cover would resolve this.
Can you tell me if the black plastic trim piece around the bottom can be removed? At least from what you can tell. Just wondering if I can wrap that in matching alcantara so it doesn't look 'off'