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Originally Posted by ///BYU View Post
My 1M was the same way. The European Delivery guy said, "now I'm going to show you how the iDrive works," and I was like, "wait, huh?"

As far as "what next?" my situation is a little strange. I feel like I won the lottery getting my 1M allocation. It was totally unexpected. I was 34 and my wife and I just had our seventh kid (username checks out). I was a huge car enthusiast, but our financial and family situation meant we were driving a minivan and a Saturn Astra -- and I never drove anything special before that either, just basic transportation. All of a sudden I was looking at doing European Delivery and Performance Center Delivery with a car that was basically everything I ever wanted in a vehicle -- my ne plus ultra.

If I had to move on from my 1M, I'd probably go "backward" and buy the cars I would have driven while eventually working up to a 1M some day. S2000, heavily modified and stripped out Civic hatchback, Miata, E46 ZHP or Touring, E30 325is, 135i -- along with other things like a Triumph Street Triple motorcycle and I'd love to import a Peugeot 205 GTI.

I actually think there are many cars I'd have a ton of fun with, but they're all a step down from the 1M, which is fine by me. Nothing new and expensive outside of maybe a GT3 RS is really that interesting to me. I'd much rather spend my money on a fun-but-inexpensive car I don't mind taking to the track, parking on the street, driving in the snow, etc. That would be somewhat of a relief, actually -- even compared to my 1M. Then I could use the extra money to travel (with my family + MotoGP, IOMTT, Le Mans and Nurburgring 24h, etc.), rent a car at the Nurburgring, do more multi-day wilderness backpacking trips, ski more often, etc.

The only things I don't like about my 1M are that (1) I wasn't able to experience a lot of other cars before being so fortunate to own one and (2) I feel compelled to keep it stock. I think I want my next car to be something I basically rebuild and personalize / modify extensively -- something I feel reflects the purest expression of whatever it is I'm trying to achieve. That level of personalization is missing in my 1M ownership experience. Then, once I've built it, just enjoy driving it and not worry too much about the inevitable rock chips and minor imperfections.

Nice write up! well, you can still modify the 1M tastefully so that it still retains the character~ your 1M would love more power too!