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Originally Posted by m3kerry View Post
Mid-year thoughts

Texas Tour the 1M was 1st and 3rd and paxed 3rd and 38th over all. It was cold and can't remember if it was raining.

MS Pro was a wakeup call in the super wet we were 2nd and 3rd and in the drying the car was about .5 from 1st on a 60 second total time course.

Lincoln Pro 2nd and 6th but in the challenge the car broke out 2 times.

Testing this year with the 1LE and M2 has produced interesting results. Some tightly controlled and some not. The 1LE put down times that were close to the 1M on the MW practice which is a 30 second course with no power sections.

The M2 in a tightly controlled same tire same everything was 0.7 seconds faster on a 50 second.

I have mixed feeling coming out of this as in 2017 the car won the pro overall and I felt it was the fastest thing running but it only won by like 0.1ish (I did not go back and look). In 2018 at NATs the weather played a big part in the 0.06ish win.

So, the 1M has never just crushed the class and we caught some real breaks in winning the championships.

1M has lost its big advantage at the line in the pro to the Tesla and M2. We are no longer the fastest car to the 1st corner. In driving the M2 we had no real advantage in back and forth nor the sweepy stuff.

So, we are going to build a second car. It will not be here in time for the tx pro but hope to run it in KS in a month.

The 1M is probably going to go up on bring a trailer if anyone wants it, now would be the time to DM me, as I am willing to sell it most of the race parts before I unwrap it and bring it back to stock. I do think it can place in the top 5 at NATS again. It's a fully sorted and prepped top 10 pax over all machine. 60K with all the parts and log book of knowledge.
Please clarify if your back to back tests were vs M2 or M2 competition.

No surprise the M2 is faster. Back when I had my E30 M3 it was able to be modified to keep up with E36 M3 , but once the mods get equal and were added to the E36M3 the advantages are clear again.

SCCA Is generally brutal for BMWs so it's been awesome to see you guys dedicate time and resources to really making it competitive , much like Chris Conant did with the E30 M3.

While I am really enjoying the 1M, the idea of racing an appreciating asset when you can simply jump to an OG M2 for cheap or even go to an M2C for even money or less shouldn't be ignored.

The OG M2 is a good bargain but from the comments from guys I have spoken to like ilovebmws and 1M Tex that have owned all three cars... the M2 competition has the best potential as a track machine ( while the 1M still remains the favorite overall.

The development of chassis tuning on all of the F8X has been critical. The M4 GTS only scratched the surface of its potential and the ZCP, CS and models have further sharpened the steering, grip and handling. I'm planning on taking advantage of the most fully developed iteration possible and hoping to pick up another legend aka the E30 M3 SPORT EVO, E46 M3 CSL.
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