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kind of a generic video. all the praises have been told in other videos, almost verbatim. the small critiques are just as generic.

this car doesn't need any more's already a classic doesn't need the same shit to be regurgitated by different voices!
Its pretty amazing for a 8 year old car and having less than 500 in the UK should receive so much recognition.

That said, I simply love the 1M. So full of character, the kind of je ne sai quai that cannot be copied.
I agree, even though they are saying many of the same things it is 8 years later with many more turbo M cars with air curtains have come and gone. BMW has built two M2 variants etc. Yet this little bastard car still gives people a really enjoyable ride and the je ne sais quois after two automotive lifetimes. Part of greatness is determined by whether it passes the test of time when things become clearer and the buzz has faded. It's like a couple being married 50 years and still being completely in love and sharing a passionate kiss. No one say. C'mon that's they same crap from when you met at 18!!! Cmon do something new!