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Originally Posted by 10" View Post
kind of a generic video. all the praises have been told in other videos, almost verbatim. the small critiques are just as generic.

this car doesn't need any more's already a classic doesn't need the same shit to be regurgitated by different voices!
Completely disagree, the relevance of a retro car review speaks volumes of the attributes of a car 8 years on!

How many reviews do you see where the reviewer declares the car they’re testing the epitome of driving quality, then when the new model comes out, manages to find the new one so much better and proceeds to point out all the flaws in the previous model?

That’s progress sir, yes things tend to get better, Corollas are much safer than they were 20 years ago, but 20 years ago they were the safest cars on earth. (You know what I mean)

So when an 8 yo car is reviewed in context with the current crop of cars all with the benefit of another 8 years of research and development behind them to make them better, it’s a true testament to what this car really did bring to the market.

I for one am extremely grateful for these insights since I don’t get to spend a day with every new car that hits the market to compare.

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