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Originally Posted by etr2016 View Post
nachob - it did seem better this morning when i took it to the dealer. this doesnt seem rough - it seems, well, just very very weird. i think the reason why i think its a mechanical issue is because this is the EXACT problem i had last july. and even that time - after 100 miles of driving, it was still there until the dealer made the repair (thinking back on it now, i wonder if they just drove the car hard for a bit whereas i was driving like a grandma around). i think it can present a somewhat dangerous situation if you're in a tight space and suddenly the car is lurching forward because it decided to rev up.

i think i need to quit my job and just drive the 1m more. everytime i drive it i love the experience!

does anyone recommend turning the car on and letting it run for a few minutes without driving it? i ask because since i rarely drive it i actually take the insurance off of it so i cannot drive it around. ive read that its best to just let the car sit and not let it idle.
When you store the car for a long period, thought you were supposed to do some kind of preparations (oil change etc).

M cars are like warriors. They are designed to be driven regularly and hard. Mine is a daily driver and no issues.