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Originally Posted by parish99 View Post
So does it basically emulate the original CIC screens within there UI? or do you have to switch back and forth between the android system and original system? Also can you install apps, like MHD flash tuning on it? I would basically want it just to update the crappy screen and get apple carplay, I just wouldnt want to loose any of the cars original functionality. I moslty play music through the radio anyhow so im not that concerned about music originating from the android system.

Also what happens to the original phone bluetooth system when you install this, does it only function now through the new system, I saw an option on there site for an aditional speaker input?

The original CIC interface is accessible by holding down the menu button for 3 seconds - it toggles between the two. If your primary goal is a better screen and CarPlay, this is a good solution.