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Thanks for the input.

I have been paying particular attention to road conditions on certain stretches of road that I drive regularily to study how the car handles pre and post install. I have 2 particular sections in mind.

First one is a 45mph (55) straight section of road that makes the car dance as I really feel a lot of side to side articulation and rear end bounce over that section (really annoying).

The other and much more challenging one is a 90 degree right hand turn with a bump just before it. The exit of the turn is 3 lanes wide each direction (no island or curbing) and I try to split the first two lanes on the exit with a tight apex at the crosswalk. I drive it at 5 in the morning so no traffic and I shift down to 2nd gear just before the turn putting me at about 4 grand. Between the hard decelleration and the bump it really upsets the car and while the car still tracks through it pretty well now, it really unsettles and twists the rear end as the shocks rebound in what feels like a mid turn ballet resulting in what almost literally feels like a sideways landing shortly after the apex as the shocks and springs compress. It's a lot to ask out of this upgrade and will take a good set of coilovers (going to go with Ohlins R&T) to truely correct this, but I'm not going to upgrade those until after this is done and tested (and save some money after the oil cooler and brakes I just purchased). I should definitely get a good idea if the rear sub-frame is still twisting though.

On top of that is just the accellerations...good gawd does that thing shimmy around under heavy accelleration. Not sure what I'm putting to the rear wheels..guessing a around 400HP and at least just as much torque.
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