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Originally Posted by jkoral View Post
I was pretty impressed with it, but like I said I've never used a similar product. The huge increase of bead up when rinsing off was shocking, very noticeable. And it couldn't be easier to apply.

Smells great and drying the car off it felt like it was freshly waxed. My wife's car sits outside 24x7 and while it was waxed last month, it definitely felt like there were some surface contaminants on it. After the Sonax, it was smooth and silky.

I used it liberally, much more than the directions called for and 1 bottle was gone after washing two of my cars. It hasn't rained here since I used it and I haven't yet washed either car again, so no idea on longevity. I think they claim 3 months, but Phil said he uses it every time he washes and can get do his M2 four times with 1 bottle. Certainly if I used it every wash (I wash once a week), I would use less product. I plan to use it every other wash or perhaps once a month.
Much appreciate the feedback, helps out tremendously. I think i will pick some up, maybe i'll try another brand.
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