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OEM 264 wheels are pretty concave. Now picture that lip going another 15 mm out and you can imagine how concave a wheel could be.

The catch is you are going to need to get custom 2 piece wheels to achieve that.

Forged = more strength to support concave and the 2 piece lets the manufacturer mix the right face and barrel to get max concave. I've been looking into this now and trying at least a dozen wheels to find the best fit.

What I have found is fronts can never be too concave due to offsets and the need to clear the brakes. Brakes are not a problem in the back. The Ideal set up I've found fro concave is 9.5 wide with 255/35/18 tires, ET45. Rear's rolled and pulled (not flared) with some added negative camber. This is no rub set up during realistic driving, even on a dropped car. Not a "only on hard corners", or "only with 2 people in the car" set up, I mean no rubbing. See my photo below.

The face profile is going to be key. A hub needs at least 10mm of meat for the lugs, but no more. Some manufacturers like to have deep set lug holes or a deep dish in the center. What you need is a shallow center from which the spokes start from. A company like BC Forged can build you a set just like that. My BC forged should be here in a few weeks
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