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Originally Posted by chrissetriple View Post
I used to be a pom - and still am when we win things against aussies - and am quite jealous when I see the price of quality cars over there. That said, happy to live in Brizzie and enjoy the climate and pay, at the moment because of the exchange rate, what may seem to be expensive european cars - but it's not always that way. The best thing is all of your add-on's, well most of them (we don't need heated seats here) are included in the OTR cost here. Can't wait - it's only been a month since the deposit was paid and it's taking an eternity!!!!

Once a pom always a pom, its in your blood

I am in London by choice, 9 yrs now, but could sell up our property and come back anytime, but it's not that bad over here for a stint, wouldn't be a lifer thats for sure, only so long I can go without feeling the warmth of the sun, hence the reason my wife optioned the heated seats, she is from the sunshine coast and still 9 years on in the UK she struggles with the winter, hell her hands go blue in summer here

Cost of things are pretty much equivalent in ways but I still find electricals /computers, bikes etc I can source here cheaper than I can back home, also the cars I have had here have been much more expensive if I had happen to buy in Aus, but what you gain in one area you lose out in another........wont even go into the bloody exchange rate, the amount I am sending back now on a monthly basis for our property there has gone up big time!

The 1M we will bring back with us no for your wait, that's all part of the enjoyment