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Right so figured I should come back and post results from this. Did the install my self and took about two and a half days. Had a friend of mine help me and our mechanical experience includes spark plugs and tire rotations.
This involved a lot of scavenging the garage for parts and a lot, I mean a lot of trial and error to get the bushings out. They make this seem easy in the diys. It needs a massive amount of force to get the rears and fair amount of heat.
Once those were out though getting the new ones in is really easy. Didn't have to take anything off except for the rear break lines. I did the 95A akg bushings and man can you feel the difference. This is my only suspension mod at the moment. Even so, the difference is staggering. It feels like the car is now one entity instead of two trying to rip each other apart.
The nvh has gone up a bit but that is partially due to the condition of the rear tires.
It's not a difficult job ( once you figure out how to get them out) my various methods included screw drivers, drills, wrench scaffolding. If you have the tool though I guess you can ignore all of that.
Here is the first bushing
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