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Forgive the thread bump.

Have done this installation. To clarify the plastic tab should be left on the M3 rack and the wheel fixed during installation and it all fit up easily and there are no alignment problems. Standard steering arms make the the installation much easier than trying to use the M3 arms for no real gain.

The steering effort before Servotronic was very manly and forced you to throw the car into low speed corners and use the throttle to push it through. I do have 245 fronts and allot of castor. With Servotronic the steering is far more subtle and you can use extra castor for self centring and feel.

Implementation of Servotronic is not difficult with a bit of electrical wiring and coding.

+ and - wires needs to be taken from the valve on the rack to pins 5 and 6 on the rear plug on the junction box. Routing the wire is interesting and requires pulling apart some scuttle covers to get at the box where the wires go through the bulkhead.

The fusebox needs a 10 amp fuse at position 5. From there the car needs the servotronic option added to the car. The option number is $216. The next part is the one that was difficult to ascertain from all previous threads but in the end was very simple. NCS expert is required to activate the Servotronic valve in the JBBF2 ecu.

An interesting aside is that as a result of using the standard steering pump rather than a M3/1M unit the effort is a bit higher if you try turning the wheel while the engine is idling. I suspect the standard pump is smaller and needs a little bit of revs for full assistance to kick in.

Any questions I am happy to answer as this thread was very helpful in getting up the guts to do the change.