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Originally Posted by dojk View Post
Any idea the hardness of the M3 bushes?

Strongflex has them in PU now, was wondering if they would be a better option.
The biggest difference is the M3 bushings are rubber with metal core. So it's hard to compare durometer ratings to the strongflex you listed. FWIW I have the Whiteline full bushings which are Poly, and although I had them installed at the same time as my B12 suspension, I can't say that I get terrible NVH from the rear of the car.

So if you're concerned about that, the poly bushings I don't think will add any significant harshness, at least not when we're talking about subframe bushings.

Other bushings (like the diff bushing etc) I can't comment on, as I've heard they can add harshness that is felt inside the car.