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Originally Posted by PA135ii View Post
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I watched the NBA for a few years after Magic retired but lost interest quickly. Lakers / Celtics and Lakers / Pistons were awesome. (Grew up Lakers fan in Celtics territory.). Now all I can do is SMH when I see some of the NBA-related quotes / headlines on Haven't had interest in the NBA in a very long time.
Don't forget the 76ers of that era. They were dominant then too. I went to many Celtic / Sixer games at the Spectum.

As a side note. I also went to the parade in Philly in June of 1983.
I hear there is a parade today in Philly.

Life long Eagle fan and the parade is on my Birthday,,,
My GF says it's my Bday parade.
You're right, 76ers had some good teams too.

Edit: and Happy Birthday!
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