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Originally Posted by Lennon997 View Post
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Bulls aside. Teams then that were worth a watch... Hornets, Clippers, 76ers, Utah Jazz, Pacers... nowadays it's all thumbs down. The game then was different. As said above even before that era.
guys get over it..... grew up watching jordan kill the knicks, reggie drain the knicks, Hakeem $hit on Ewing on the one shot he got at a ring.....

yes, its 'softer', but more athletic than its ever been..... yes it sucks when you see a monster like lebron james (6'8, 250-260lbs) flop and fall when he truck sticks through a guy like shane larkin (5'10, 170 maybe)....

you still have guys like IT (just traded to lakers an hour ago) still slicing and dicing (like mugsy did with grand ma-ma back in the day before jordan owned the team) and doing it at a faster and more explosive rate than ever.

the guard play has gotten much better, faster and more talented (athletic, whatever you want to call it). OG Isiah thomas would get destroyed by a steph curry, curry would cross up AI....

i love the 'old school' era of basketball just like I like the attitude era of the WWF!

but its dead and gone, all we can do is reminisce and move forward
Yep, we don't all need to watch / care about the current NBA. Plenty other ways to spend time and plenty of fans remaining for the NBA without us.
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