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sorry but I need ya helps

last few days I had an massive thick ice build up on the whole car, then had to rush out and pup daughter from school and had to content with getting the ice off the car, so in panic mode and not thinking, I took the windscreen ice cleaner doo hickey to try and get the thick ice of the car, only thing that would work

Well I did it, BUT I also got these long bloody scratches on the top

They wont "rub off" though I'm gonna try a jet wash,

so I may "not" be able to get them out, but would settle to them being, a little less obvious,

so please SCHOOL me


1> will a brush and the right cleaner subdue/remove them

one of my favorite detailers below caught some flack on the replies
any thoughts on how he's cleaned the roof

I'm hessitant in getting a nail brush or stiff brush out to it?