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BEST way to LOSE weight

Hello ALL,

I am trying to lose weight from past 18 months. With no luck

Weight: 195lbs
Age: 33
Body Fat: 30%
Height: 5'9"
Fat Deposits: lower belly, lower back, love handles, face/chin

So from 2 weeks, I have been aggressive and started the following routine:

Treadmill: Morning and Evening (total of 800 calories burn/day) for 5 days/week. So total I am burning about 3500-4000 calories a week on treadmill.
Weight-lifting: once a week, burning 500 calories.
Give and take: I am burning around 4000 calories per week combined.

Breakfast: oatmeal/milk/nuts/peanut butter/honey, about 350 calories.
Lunch: pretty heavy lunch mix of meat or poultry, rice or bread, about 400-700 calories.
Dinner: snacking, about 200-300 calories.

I really want to get lean, fit, healthy, athletic body and be around 170lbs with body fat of 20-23%.

Please advice, comment. I am really struggling in losing 20 lbs.
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