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Originally Posted by Drop the hammer View Post
I quit all sugars and carbs, including all alcohols (was the toughest part). Basically the only carbs Iím getting are from green veggies and some from cashews and almonds and various meats and cheeses. Probably around 2000 calories a day intake made up mostly of protein and fat. CrossFit work out 4 times a week and one or two cardio days. I Lost 30 lbs in 4 months easily. My workout regime has been constant for the last last 5 years. When I dropped the carbs the weight melted off fast. Iíve always been 195ish and as high as 212 (prior to working out). Now at 165. Weigh yourself consistently everyday and be aware of every calorie you eat. I tracked everything for 2 weeks but have given that up as it was a lot of work, but it did open my eyes to caloric intake and my awareness of what I was eating. Not keto just disciplined lower carb eating. And very clean fresh foods.

Glad to hear and dropping 30ibs in 4 months. Wow
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