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Originally Posted by antych View Post
Stop eating all those carbs. Your diet is really bad. No wonder you can't lose it.
If his dinner is snacking on fruit and vegetables and breakfast and lunch were the same I would think itís a pretty good diet ?

Now if his meats and poultry were long shelf life high sodium vacuum packaged items then that could be an issue. And if his peanut butter is high sugar and mono-diglycerides then that to may be a factor. But with just a few changes if need be I think his diet is alright. Also his liquid intake I donít know.

Iím more concerned about the treadmill workout. First if heís using the machine readout for calories burned, and the machine settings (no elevation and a sub 4-mph speed). Ideally to transfer the treadmill time to jogging and sprinting outside might rev up the calorie burn, but things like sun-exposure or convenience - so much of his exercise is treadmill, thatís the item I like to know more about.

Just for discussion and u may be right the diet could be the issue.