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Originally Posted by Thunderguts View Post
I tried both ways to access the evaporator this morning and I recommend removing the blower motor. Believe it or not, the blower motor is super easy to remove. Once you've removed the panel under the dash, all you do is pull on a tab and twist the blower motor. I had it out in about 5 minutes. You can then run your hose and evaporator cleaner from the top under the air filter or bottom under the dash. I went through under the dash.

It was easier for me to remove the blower motor than it was to remove the end of the drain pipe because of how cramped it is down there. You have to remove the end of the drain hose because it has a sharp 90 bend and your cleaner hose will kink. I also could only jam the hose up so far before it hit something. I finally gave up and just plugged the hose with my finger while I emptied half the can as far up as it would go.

There's another important reason to remove the blower motor. Mine was filthy! I'm not just talking dirt, but metal dust from the bushing wearing down. I blew it out with an air compressor and oiled the shaft. It spins more freely now and won't die as soon I hope. Given the ease of removing the blower motor, I recommend that method.

Also... while your in there... be sure to check out the electrical wires on the blower motor itself. They often are burnt or melted. There is a recall out on the three series - because the wires can melt together and burn the car to the ground. I think it might be a recall for the 1er's as well in the states.

some pics from 1Addicts... FSU(Final Stage Unit or Resistor) on the blower motor...
Name:  blower motor wiring e9x  1618-1.jpg
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Name:  blower motor wiring e9x  1619-2.jpg
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You want to make sure your blower motor doesn't look like these pics...

It's probably not a bad idea to replace your pollen filter(located under the hood) too while cleaning out the HVAC system.