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Originally Posted by tranquility View Post
Agree wholeheartedly, that's the whole pt why they made hardtop verts. Rags are just an afterthought, like 'meh, we gotta make a cover for this car, so *poof*, have some fabric' lol.

That being said, ASAP makes some sense if it's true the wt penalty is 500lbs, that's just insane. Still, hardtop is better-looking, hard to see otherwise, metal vs a rag? Forget about it.

Anyway, I'm really a coupe guy, unless my next car has a carbon tub, then bring on the topless once more.
Yeah. Some cars that were made as soft tops look...ok..., but so many convertibles are just coupes with the top chopped off. The old 350z convertibles were just hideous.

I actually think the E88s are ok looking in the grand scheme, just because the top of the car was so bubbly to begin with that the top looks a bit more normal.
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